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Our daughter, Sarah, has an amazing servants heart

Hi, I am Sarah. My family and I are full time missionaries in Haiti. I have 7 siblings, 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I grew up in Washington State and moved to Haiti with my family in 2013. I serve with Mission of Grace in Carries, Haiti. God has put on my heart a love for the people and a longing to help them. My hearts desire is to serve in missions until God calls me to do something else. I just graduated from high school and I am wanting to doing something beneficial for our mission and to help me grow more. YWAM Medical Ships will teach medical skills and I will also learn more about God and how to evangelize more effectively. I will live on the YWAM base in Australia for 3 months and then I will be on the Medical Ship near Papua New Guinea for 2 months. Each day we will take a little boat to the island to reach the unreached that have no medical care. There are 1,361 islands in Papua New Guinea. 291 of those islands are inhabited. There are 800 known languages. There are 7 million people. 84% of the population live in rural areas. Most people die of preventable and treatable diseases. I am excited for this opportunity to grow and serve. My dream is to take what I learn and use it in Haiti. I will be able to lead teams into the mountains and help more people. I believe the timing is good for me to go and do and see something different. Also, I am excited to be able to go on my own and take this next step. My prayer is that God will grow me and use me and that He will be glorified. I need to raise $8,000. This is a BIG amount, but, our God is BIG and if this is what He wants for me, it can be done. This is the breakdown of where the money will go. $5,214 Discipleship Training School $2,000 roundtrip airfare $475 health insurance $550 student visa $8,239 Total I need your help. I am so grateful for any amount that you feel you are able to contribute. I will not be able to go on this journey without the help from others. Thank you for being apart of my life and helping me achieve my dreams.

My heart is wrapped around the country of Haiti. My passion is to take these medical skills, I will learn and use it to treat the people in Haiti.

The Haitian people walk 3-4 hours to come to a clinic, when they are in severe need of medical care. I want to go into the mountains where people are unreached and share the good news!

Please walk with me on this journey.

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