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I am so excited!!! Our oldest daughter, Katie just spent about 1 month in Washington State visiting family and friends. While she was there we announced on Facebook that we would be collecting Baby Formula for our thirsty babies at the oprhanage.

I am SUPER excited because our babies have been blessed once again! Katie managed to pack up the collected formula, 20 Costco size containers and 18 smaller ones. WOWEEEEE!!! Thank you so much!! It makes my heart happy to have such support, even with the little request of baby formula. Again, thank you, you have no idea how much this helps. I know it won't last forever but, thank you for feeding our babies!!!

Another huge blessing. Our church has birthed 11 other churches over the years throughout the mountain side. Our church is the biggest, the others are small but mighty in spirit. We recently had a convention with all of the churches coming together. Our youth helped to lead a 2 hour session during the convention and they did really well. It was amazing to see the natural leaders rise. Ryan shared with the congregation what we do in our Sunday School program. We wanted to show the amazing beautiful Children's Bible that we use but, we were afraid we would be bombarded with requests for a Bible for their church.

I again, made an annoucement that we wanted to collect 11 of these beautiful Storybook Bibles. It was amazing to see them ordered one by one and then a whole CASE! Now, when they arrive here in Haiti we can visit the 11 churches and give them their own copy for their children's ministry. With the case that will be coming we will be able to give one to each church in Plaisance, how AMAZING is that?? Thank you again, we really appreciate you all SO much!!

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