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Dolan Out His Love's Vision

Our desire is to love others as God loves us. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving as He calls us. We desire to build genuine relationships with others with the hope of introducing them to Jesus Christ. We want to make a difference in the lives of children and adults alike.


Dolan Out His Love works with the amazing Mission of Grace. Mission of Grace has two locations, the first in Carries, Haiti and the second in      Plaisance du Sud, Haiti. We work under Mission of Grace to help oversee the ministry in Plaisance du Sud. 


  • Children of Grace Orphanage, Plaisance du Sud We are looking forward to being able to care for more children. Our desire is to meet the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and community integrational needs of the children in our care. Our desire is to raise followers of Christ and strong leaders.

  • Centre De Sante Leopold Luc Guilluame Our desire for the medical clinic is to offer the best care for this bush community. We want to continue the legacy of Leopold Luc Guilluame by not only offering physical healing but spiritual healing as well. Our dream is to be able to have mothers deliver their babies at the clinic in a safe and clean facility, by offering a midwife or birth attendant.

  • Elderly Home Mission of Grace desires to start an elderly home here in Plaisance du Sud. Many families find it a burden and just another mouth to feed when caring for their elderly. We want to provide a safe and loving home for the elderly to live out the rest of their days, however, many they have. 

  • Church We currently teach a junior church class of more than 100 students each Sunday. We desire to be able to expand our training of our students and give them hands on serving others experience. Our church is part of a group of 12 churches around the mountain that Madam Luc help to start. Our desire is to travel to different churches once a month, bring and share a meal with the congregation along with showing the Jesus film in Creole. 

  • Foundation Guillaume Foundation Guilluame has an amazing school, they not only learn Creole, but, French, English and Spanish. The athletic program includes tennis and soccer. We are here to encourage and support as needed.

  • Community Our desire is to be able to form genuine relationships with the community through a number of different activities. Our hope is that by introducing them to Jesus Christ the future of Plaisance du Sud will be a more positive and Christ centered one. 

  • Teaching a Trade It is our desire to help those in the community to learn a trade or start a business. We have just begun brainstorming ideas and we are hoping to make some of those ideas a reality. We are looking forward to finding partners that can come along side us and help make a positive change for the community.



Dolan Out His Love

in Haiti


volunteering with Mission of Grace & Foundation Guillaume

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