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Elderly Home

Elderly and vulnerable people are seen as a burden in Haiti. We want them to live with dignity and be cared for well. We started serving the elderly in Plaisance with this home during the summer of 2018. 



We are called in James 1:27 to look after orphans and widows in their time of need. We find it pure JOY to love the little children at Children of Grace in Plaisance.

Medical Clinic

​The clinic is staffed with 2 Haitian Doctors,  Nurse and Lab Technician. We also work in the clinic as well as administratively manage the operation. 

In addition to treating patients for common sickness we also see Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Hpylori, Tuburculosis and HIV. 


​We love children and we sure are blessed to have a BIG junior church class each Sunday. We are honored to be able to train up more than 100 children each week to know, love, follow and serve Jesus Christ. 

We sing songs in Creole and English, read Bible stories, share a message, watch a Bible movie in French and share bread together.

Foundation Guillaume

​The mission of Foundation Guillaume is to impact the lives of the community through education and numerous services, programs and development projects. 


The athletic program includes tennis, soccer and track and field. Four of the tennis players have gone to the states to play tennis. 



​We are present in the community; making friends and living life together.  Whether it is a soccer ball that we loan out or a game of nerf war among the kids, we are trying to live by example; showing how to love our neighbor as ourself. 

We share crackers & candy, sometimes shoes & clothes, we show films and give medical attention.  We do what God calls to do in hopes of introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ.

Dolan Out His Love

in Haiti


volunteering with Mission of Grace & Foundation Guillaume

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