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Helping the next generation have Godly character

We are trying to help raise the children of Plaisance to show respect and love for each other. Our hope is that our teaching and training will make a positive difference in their future.

Helping to improve the communities health

We want the community to be as healthy as possible with the little resources that are available. We want clean water, ample food, correct diagnosis with proper medications and an end to the preventable diseases.


Loving our neighbor as ourself
We are blessed and we feel the burden to be generous with what God has given us. We are called in Isaiah 58:7 to share our food with the hungry, provide shelter to the poor and clothe the naked.

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Saving moms and babies


One of our current goals is to add a maternity clinic onto our medical clinic in Plaisance. 

We are helping        Dr Felix to implement continued training for local health agents and midwives. 

Moms are dying after child birth. We want to do what we can to stop this and to help these moms raise healthy children. 

Devastation & Heartbreak

Hurricane Matthew hit Plaisance on October 4th. It destroyed 1000’s of homes and  knocked over countless trees. Our little village endured flooding in addition to the  many houses that either crumbled to the ground or lost roofs. 


After the hurricane, many areas that were hit were anticipating Cholera breakouts.  We thought for sure that our beloved Plaisance had avoided the Cholera until it  reared its ugly head about a month later.


On November 6th, our little Dolson at the orphanage came down with flu like  symptoms. It swept through all the children in the house in one week. 


On November, 13th, our little Jeremiah was admitted to our clinic with Pneumonia.  That night he stopped breathing for 7 minutes. He was so sick that the next day we  transferred him to a local hospital. It was at that hospital that he was diagnosed  with Cholera. He was sent back to our own clinic, because that hospital didn’t treat  Cholera patients. 


On November 14th, more of our babies were admitted to the clinic and on IVs due to Cholera. It was at this point that we separated the sick kids from the healthy kids.  The healthy children came to our home, children with Cholera symptoms stayed at  the clinic and if they were still recovering from the flu or cold like symptoms they stayed at the orphanage house. 


On November 15th, we woke up to an early morning call that our sweet Sarah had died. She was at the orphanage house and really wasn’t showing any signs of illness. The night before she died, she was happy and smiling, she ate all of her supper,  which was rare for her. This was a complete shock to everyone. Little Sarah had  Cerebral Palsy and we imagine that her little body just wasn’t up to fighting anymore.


On November 16th, we cared for the healthy and we were constantly checking on the sick. 


On November 17th, John died due to dehydration from the Cholera. He had tiny little  veins and it was so hard to find them to insert an IV. When they did, John would pull  it out.


On November, 17th in addition to burying little John, we also sent Jeremiah to a  hospital about 3 hours away. We thought that this would be the best chance for him   to recover.


On November, 19th we got the call that we needed to come and get Jeremiah because there was nothing that they could do for him. They said that he had  advanced Meningitis. While we were on the way to get Jeremiah, he died. 


In ONE week, we lost THREE of our precious little babies. This week was the hardest week of our lives. It was way worse than any hurricane. 


God continued to give us strength to carry on and care for the little people He placed in our hands. We miss Sarah, John and Jeremiah terribly. Our hearts ache, but, we  know without a doubt that they are running and singing at the feet of Jesus. 

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Have you met Jonah?


God brought Jonah to us in March of 2015. He was 2 1/2 weeks old and his mother had died. His grandmother couldn't take care of him and gave him to us. 


We are in the process of adopting Jonah. We had to to wait to start the process until we had been in the country for 5 years. We have now met the requirements and have an adoption attorney. Please be praying for the adoption to be finished by the time Jill turns the big 50, another requirement! Thanks

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Dolan Out His Love

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